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AMATEUR VS PRO PHOTOGRAPHERS: Here’s the difference.

Learn the key technique that separates amateur photographers from professionals, and how mastering this one concept will instantly improve your photography.

Inside this photography tutorial we’ll be taking a look at the core principal behind all your photos and compositions: The concept of contrast. Contrast in photography is about more than just light vs dark – It’s the idea of using opposing elements of all kinds in your photography to create interest and meaning.

Contrast can be created through lighting, luminance, hue, saturation, sharpness, texture and posing. It can also be created through the way you frame your photos and through the way you present your subject.
Contrast is what gives meaning to your photography, and it’s the biggest photography skill that separates professional photographers from the amateurs.

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And for anyone wondering…

My camera gear:

Panasonic S1-
Sigma Art 35mm 1.4 L mount –
Panasonic Lumix 24-105 f4 L mount –
YONGNUO YN-560 IV Flash –

Computer Editing Setup = 2019 27″ imac upgraded with 40gb of ram:

Prior to upgrading computers, I was using a 2015 15″ macbook pro with 16gb of ram – So you don’t NEED the fancy new computer at all… It just speeds up my editing workflow as I’m not waiting so long for previews to load.

Renewed 2015 macbook pro is about $1200 on amazon:
I’d recommend going with at least 16gb of ram and 512gb of storage.

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